[WEB-0837] Adobe Acrobat Pro: Advanced Forms (RECORDED WEBINAR) 2/17/21

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Doug Striker



This webinar will demonstrate how to create an electronic expense form from an existing Adobe PDF. Participants will learn how to add different field types for different types of information, such as text, dates, yes or no questions, and calculations. This will make it easier to know what type of information should be filled in, and it also helps ensure all of the information submitted is formatted the same way. Participants will also learn how to enforce mandatory fields and add a Submit button for emailing the completed form. Creating and adding electronic signatures will also be demonstrated.

Please plan to dedicate approximately 60 minutes to view this webinar.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Certificate of Achievement

Adobe Acrobat Pro: Advanced Forms Webinar
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Adobe Advanced Forms Handout and Practice Files
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