[WEB-1131] Word (all versions): Working with Multipage Documents (RECORDED WEBINAR)

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Doug Striker



This webinar will cover Microsoft Word’s features that are useful when working in multipage documents: how to divide your document into sections and create different headers and footers as well as style of page numbering within those sections.

During the webinar participants will learn:

  • how to insert headers and footer that contain text, automatic dates, page numbers, and the document filename with path
  • how to create a different first page header or footer
  • how to insert section breaks to vary the headers and footers and page numbering styles on different pages in a document
  • how to insert more complex page numbers for chapters and appendixes eg. A-1
  • how to use the Styleref field to automatically insert a document or section title in the header or footer

Please plan to dedicate approximately 45 minutes to view this webinar.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Certificate of Achievement

Word: Working with Multipage Documents Video
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Multipage Documents Handout and Practice File
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