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When it comes to office tech skills, the gulf between the “haves” and the “have-nots” has never been more pronounced. Simply put: those who have strong skills in the technological tools that employers use the most are finding themselves much more valuable in a remote or hybrid work environment than those who do not.


Stop requesting IT support and start learning the skills that will set you apart!


Savvy Training & Consulting is offering inexpensive technology training videos and courses covering:

  • Microsoft Office Online Training
  • PowerPoint Online Training
  • Outlook Online Training
  • Microsoft Excel Online Training Courses
  • Adobe Acrobat Online Training Courses
  • OneNote Online Training


Come away from these courses armed with a set of skills that you can immediately put to work… and add to your resume for future advancements.

(Note: Many of these webinars were originally delivered to law firms but are applicable across industries.)


If you need training on skills or tools that you don’t see here, contact Savvy today: 303-800-5408,

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