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Difficult conversations have not disappeared in our current environment have they? No matter if you are in-person or virtual, having strategies for encountering difficult conversations is essential. In this session you will * Identify & be able to adjust your level of communication assertiveness * Learn tools to resolve difficult conversations (interpersonal conflict) * Be introduced to the Color Code Personality Profile which identifies your driving core motive As a bonus, the instructor will provide an offer to a free version of the Color Code Personality Profile. Please plan to dedicate approximately 60 minutes to view this webinar. Read More

Picture this: You have written a long explanatory email to a supervisor. The person responds, “Fine.” FINE? Fine! Fine? “They” have said for years that email was going to go away. It hasn’t and will not for the forseeable future. Email has become the premium medium for communication – even when it might not be the most appropriate. As one writer put it, “Email is the right communication medium for matters of relatively low importance. It's great for sharing information. It's awful for important conversations.” But, yet we continue to make email the mainstay of our communications. This session will provide practical tips on email etiquette that will bring you back to the basics and review the RESPECT acronym to help you bring success to writing your emails. The different between our Intent and Impact can be vast. Please plan to dedicate approximately 60 minutes to view this webinar. Read More

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